Jerusalem Through Artistic Eyes

Jerusalem is an old city that is home to many historical transitions. Many photographers use their photos to represent the biblical Jerusalem; yet, there are the local residents and the local community that create an intriguing world separate from that well known Biblical world. The simplistic daily life in Jerusalem is also interesting to the camera's eye as it captures the social and inhabitants of the city.

The most important tip is to trust the artistic eye. When choosing the subject the photographer must remember to photograph what the eye finds pleasant, strange, or intriguing. There is no need for a special camera to get a great shot. Remember, the biggest and best camera is not always the most expensive. Instead of purchasing a costly camera that comes with a variety of lenses, opt for a camera that has a zoom range of 80/100-400mm. Many of the best shots are missed due to changing a lens. Using a camera with a single zoom range lens allows you to never miss the shot. High range zooms provide that "nailed it" shot each and every time.

The key is to commit to the subject and pick a point on the subject that is worthy of being highlighted and then take a tight shot of that particular area. Each part of the Jerusalem landscape has the ability to tell a story. The image is the centerpiece that creates the story for the picture. When shooting an image remember to identify with the emotion of the subject before shooting the picture. This will also help in the decision of what you really want to concentrate on in the picture.

Never ignore the obvious daily life found throughout the local Jerusalem community. Sometimes the most daily routines are what many individuals find intriguing. Spend time in the communities of Jerusalem and become familiar with the local foods, politics, and religions. Take the time to observe habits of another country...and wait for that perfect moment and collect the shot that exposes real life and its emotions.

The Jerusalem local life can be found in areas such as street markets on El Wad Road or places of social gatherings, such as cafes, found in Old City Jerusalem. Take notice of the many cultural differences. In many instances, there may be an eyewitness account of an unusual happening right in the center of the camera's lens. This is the instance when the moment is captured for others to observe, wonder, and educate themselves.

So explore the real world of Jerusalem with an artist's eye and look for the perfect image that will tell the perfect story. Don't be afraid to use a camera with a single zoom range lens. No matter the camera, the photographer or the subject the camera can expose the world full of wonder and surprise.