Jerusalem Wedding Photographers

There are many beautiful places in Jerusalem, such as the Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, and Temple Mount. If you're getting married in Jerusalem, it's best to hire a Jerusalem photographer because he's familiar with the city and knows how to capture the most enchanting shots for your wedding. It's challenging to find a photographer in Jerusalem when you don't live nearby, so we have compiled a list of five great Jerusalem wedding photographers you should consider working with for the big day:

1. Barak Aharon

Barak Aharon, a photographer located in Jerusalem, is detail-oriented and open-minded. He takes wedding pictures that are crisp, clean, and colorful, though you have the option for black and white photographs if you desire. Aharon is willing to work for weddings of various religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and alternative religions. He has also taken pictures for spiritual weddings. Therefore, it doesn't matter what your faith is, Aharon is happy to work for you.

2. Shay Rose

Shay Rose of Shay Rose Photography is the perfect choice for your wedding photographer if you want the spirit and emotions of your special day captured effectively. She believes that a good photograph is one that tells a story and that each event has its own soul or emotional draw. Shay Rose strives to capture that essence in her photography.

3. Sigala Photography

Sigala Photography consists of a husband and wife team whom specialize in wedding photography. They believe in slowing down to enjoy the moments around them. They also have a passion for beauty and authenticity. If you want your wedding photographs to look authentic and capture small beautiful moments, then they are a good choice.

When you're getting married in Jerusalem, hiring a photographer based in the old city is a good idea because he'll be familiar with the area and won't have to travel far. Pictures of your wedding should be of high quality, so you can fondly remember the day as you look through the photographs. The three Jerusalem-based photographers listed above are all great choices for your wedding.